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Win Realty, PA LLC

Address: 324 Main St., Irwin, PA 15642
Phone: 724-863-5300
Year Established: 2008
Store Hours: 9am-5pm

About Us: At Win Realty we endeavor to provide superior service to our clients, As a matter of fact our mission statement is "Win Realty of PA is the Broker of choice for our clients because we understand and meet our clients needs better than any other broker:.

At Win Realty PA, LLC our customers are as follows:
1. Entry level Real Estate Investors
2. General Public Homes sellers and buyers
3. Banks and other sellers of foreclosed properties
4. The Affluent who wish to buy or sell real estate valued at $500,000 and above
5. Commercial Investors who wish to buy or sell commercial real estate
6. Rental property owners seeking property management
7. Real Estate professionals seeking licensing or continuing education

Top 5 Products/services: Full real estate office, property management, and commercial investment services.

Products/services people would be surprised to hear your business carries/does: We provide for our clients basic investment needs - finding the best deals!

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